Communal v. Private Pet Cremation

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What is the difference and which is right for your family?

For over 25 years, Pet Cremation Services (PCS) has been an industry leader and trusted source for pet cremation services for Ohio and surrounding areas. Our compassionate team works with both pet owners and a network of veterinarians to ensure that the final goodbye for each pet, equine, and large animal is cared for with integrity while meeting their needs and budgets.

We understand that the loss of a pet is one of the most difficult life events for families. Whether it is sudden or expected, it can take weeks or even months to adjust to life without your faithful companion. At PCS, we provide peace of mind that your pet’s final goodbye is cared for with dignity and ensure their remains are returned to you promptly, if you choose, by our compassionate care team. 

What are the different types of pet cremation?

When your pet passes away, you will have the opportunity to choose between different types of cremation, determined by whether you wish to receive your pet’s cremains. 

  • Private Cremation – In a private cremation, only one pet is cremated at a time. This type of cremation ensures that the remains returned to you are not combined with other animals.  
  • Partitioned Cremation – In what also can be referred to as semi-private cremation, more than one pet is placed in the crematory with physical separation between each one. The cremated remains of the individual pets are then returned to the respective family. 
  • Communal Cremation – With communal cremation, the bodies of several pets are placed together in the crematory together. With communal cremation, your pet’s ashes are not returned to you and are respectfully scattered in a beautiful, pastoral setting. 

If you have chosen a private or partitioned cremation for your pet, our caring and compassionate drivers will return your pet’s cremains to you in a timely manner, following our strict and respectful code of ethics. In order to ensure you receive your pet’s remains, a stainless steel disk around the size of a quarter with a unique number will stay with your pet throughout the cremation process and final delivery back to you. 

As with any end-of-life service, what’s right for your family will be personal, based on cost and access to either a pet cemetery or pet cremation services close to you. Oftentimes, pet cremation is the most convenient option — as it’s typically more affordable and widely accessible while still allowing you to memorialize your pet. Rest assured, with all of our cremations, we take extraordinary care to ensure that the final goodbye is done with dignity and compassion, in a way that helps you to remember and celebrate the life you shared with your pet. 

PCS helps to care for the final goodbye

Trying to prepare for the loss of a pet is something most people try to avoid. However, planning ahead can help you understand the process before grief makes it that much harder. At PCS, we offer the opportunity to plan ahead for your pet’s aftercare needs to ensure that when the time comes you can focus on celebrating your life with your pet.

PCS is with you every step of the way on this difficult journey. You can learn more about our services, including pet, large animal, and equine cremation, understand our process, find resources to help you deal with your grief, review our Frequently Asked Questions, and shop our memorial products to help you celebrate the life you shared with your pet.

With locations in Columbus and Wickliffe, Ohio, our compassionate care team services pet owners and our trusted network of veterinarian clinics throughout the state of Ohio and surrounding communities. Contact us today and someone from our team will follow up with you.

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