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Compassionate cremation services with a strict and respectful code of ethics.

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Pet Cremation Services assimilated Green Mountain Equine Services, LLC into its brand in 2022, while ensuring that we retained the company’s experienced and compassionate team and the core values that made it a leader in the equine services industry. 

Our compassionate care for the final goodbye extends to equine and large animals, as we recognize the strong bond that exists between these powerful creatures and you, their guardian and caretaker. We assure you that from the time our compassionate and professional staff collect your pet from the veterinarian’s office, stable, or farm, through the final goodbye, they are handled with the utmost dignity, respect, and care they deserve. 

Making arrangements for your horse or large animal’s final journey is a very personal matter. While dealing with the practical necessities, we do what we can to add meaning to this transition by offering a compassionate and dignified approach to equine removal and transport. With Pet Cremation Services, your beloved companion is transferred via a harness system with the utmost dignity and care. As horse owners ourselves, we treat every animal as if it is our own.  

As with all of our cremations, we take extraordinary care to ensure that the transfer and final goodbye is done with dignity and compassion, in a way that helps you to remember and celebrate your life together. We provide compassionate cremation for deceased horses and large animals, utilizing unique solutions for their care, following a strict and respectful code of ethics.  

For equine and large animal cremation, we offer both private and communal service options. With both options the horse or large animal is cremated in its entirety the respect it deserves.  

With a private cremation, the cremated remains are returned to the owner in an urn with a plaque to help preserve the lifetime of shared memories. With communal cremation, owners do not receive the cremated remains, rather they are spread across a 250-acre farm with the same level of respect and care. 

We know from our more than 25 years of experience that each of our clients’ has their own reasons for wanting to memorialize and remember their equine or large animal in a certain way. Therefore, we tailor our services, products, and support to those unique needs and budgets so that every final goodbye is cared for in the most comforting way possible. 

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