Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked pet cremation questions.

Is it common to have your pet cremated?

Nearly 90% of pets are cremated, while only about 10% are buried, for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, cremation is an easier and less costly way to celebrate the memory of your pet. In many neighborhoods, home burials are restricted because of sanitation and seepage concerns. In some situations, a family anticipates that they may move and want to ensure that the pet’s remains can move with them. In other situations, family members who no longer live together may each want a pet memorial that contains ashes.

Can my veterinarian help me with the cremation process?

Our compassionate care team works with both pet owners and a network of veterinarians to ensure that the final goodbye for each pet, equine, and large animal is cared for with integrity while meeting the specific needs and budgets of our clients. If your veterinarian is not in our established network, you are welcome to ask your veterinarian to contact PCS to handle your pet’s cremation.

What if my pet passes away at home?

If your pet dies at home, you can either contact PCS directly or work with your veterinarian’s office to handle your pet’s cremation. If your veterinarian is not part of our established network, you can request that they contact PCS for your pet’s cremation.

What is the difference between a private cremation and a communal cremation?

When your pet passes away, you will have the opportunity to choose between a private or communal cremation, determined by whether you wish to receive your pet’s cremains. If you wish to receive your pet’s cremated remains, you will choose a private cremation and your pet will be returned to you within 1-2 days.

Are there memorial items available to help me celebrate my pet’s memory?

We offer a variety of memorial products, including custom items, that will allow you to keep your pet with you and help you to celebrate your life together. Visit our memorials page for a complete storefront of our urns and memorial items. 

How long does it typically take for me to receive my pet’s cremated remains? 

If you have chosen a private cremation, our caring and compassionate drivers will return your pet’s cremains to you in a timely manner, following our strict and respectful code of ethics. Typically remains are returned within two business days, depending on your location.