What We Do

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Cremation Services - Pet Owners

We understand that your pet is a beloved family member, and will ensure this final goodbye is done with integrity and compassion.

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Cremation Services - Veterinarians and Clinics

We are the trusted partner of veterinarians throughout the state, ensuring their clients’ pet cremation is handled with care, and according to their individual needs and budgets

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Pet Aftercare Planning

We offer the opportunity to plan ahead for your pet’s aftercare needs to ensure that when the time comes you can focus on celebrating your life with your pet.

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Memorial Products

We offer a variety of memorial products that will allow you to keep your pet with you and help you to celebrate your life together.

Our Process

When your pet passes, we are here to help you with the final goodbye.


Contact PCS

Upon your pet’s passing, contact us or ask your veterinarian to do so, and we will send a member of our care team to pick up your pet following our trustworthy and established process that we have relied on for over 25 years.

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Select the Cremation Services

You will have the opportunity to choose between a private partitioned or communal cremation, determined by whether you wish to receive your pet’s cremains.


Customize Your Pet's Cremation

Customize the cremation and memorialization of your pet by choosing either a wooden or metal urn, or selecting from a wide variety of memorial products, to meet your needs and budget.

A selection of pet memorial products.
A pet cremation box being hand delivered.

Bring Your Pet Home

If you have chosen a private cremation, our caring and compassionate drivers will return your pet’s cremains to you in a timely manner, following our strict and respectful code of ethics.

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We are Here to Help

Our pet cremation care team is ready to serve and guide you on the journey to your final goodbye. Call us at 614-272-6550 so we can help you with this process.

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Compassionate and helpful staff. Exactly what I needed in the moment. Fast services and delivery.

Becky J.

01 02 03

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I have used this pet cremation service for many years. They are always very professional and so caring. They make a very heartbreaking experience manageable. Their kindness and compassion are the true reason I've recommended them to so many people over the years. They are extremely reasonable in their pricing and they have an option of urns. They truly are the best in my book.

Debbie M.

01 02 03

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We had to put our fur baby to sleep at the vet's office. They use Pet Cremation Services. They called a couple of days later and said they were bringing our Maddie girl home. Such a nice touch and unexpected. Very thankful for the ease of service and compassion from them. Thank you!

Melanie H.

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