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29113 Anderson Road, Wickliffe, Ohio 44092 • Phone: 440-347-0950Email: info@pcscontact.com

Our Services

Pet owners playing with their dog.

Cremation Services – Pet Owners

We understand that your pet is a beloved family member, and will ensure this final goodbye is done with integrity and compassion.

A veterinarian holding a cat and a dog.

Cremation Services – Veterinarians and Clinics

We are the trusted partner of veterinarians throughout the state, ensuring their clients’ pet cremation is handled with care, and according to their individual needs and budgets

A person petting a cat.

Pet Aftercare Planning

We offer the opportunity to plan ahead for your pet’s aftercare needs to ensure that when the time comes you can focus on celebrating your life with your pet.

A selection of pet memorial products.

Memorial Products

We offer a variety of memorial products that will allow you to keep your pet with you and help you to celebrate your life together. keep them with you forever.

Equine Services

Compassionate cremation services with a strict and respectful code of ethics.

Pet Cremation Services equine logo.

Our compassionate care for the final goodbye extends to equine and large animals, as we recognize the strong bond that exists between these powerful creatures and you, their guardian and caretaker. 

As with all of our cremations, we take extraordinary care to ensure that the final goodbye is done with dignity and compassion, in a way that helps you to remember and celebrate your life together. We provide compassionate cremation for fallen horses and large animals, utilizing unique solutions for their care, following a strict and respectful code of ethics.


29113 Anderson Road
Wickliffe, Ohio 44092

Phone: 440-347-0950

Email: info@pcscontact.com

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