When Should a Pet Be Cremated? 

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We understand that your pet is a beloved family member and caring for their final goodbye is an honor that we take very seriously, with care and compassion. It’s impossible to fully prepare yourself for the loss of your beloved pet, but at Pet Cremation Services, we work hard to make such a difficult time just a little easier. 

Choosing Between Cremation and Burial 

For a variety of reasons, pet cremation continues to be the leading choice of families who experience the loss of a four-legged family member, with over 90% of people choosing to cremate their pet versus burial. And while it is obviously a commonly accepted practice, and a compassionate way to say goodbye, it can be overwhelming when in the moment. So let’s answer a few simple questions about when you should cremate your pet and how to go about it. 

What To Do When Your Pet Passes Away 

If your pet is under the care of a veterinarian at the time of his or her passing, he or she can guide you through the next steps. Our compassionate care team works with both pet owners and a network of veterinarians to ensure that the final goodbye for each pet is cared for with integrity while meeting the specific needs and budgets of our clients. If your veterinarian is not in our established network, you are welcome to ask your veterinarian to contact PCS to handle your pet’s cremation.

However, if your pet dies in your home, there are options to consider. Whether you simply want the body to be removed from your home, or you wish to permanently memorialize your pet in some special way, the choice is yours. 

Contact Pet Cremation Services

Upon your pet’s passing, contact us and we will send a member of our care team to pick up your pet following our trustworthy and established process that we have relied on for over 25 years. If you choose, you also may drop your pet off at your veterinarian’s office for pickup. While you are waiting for the PCS Care Team to pick up your pet’s body or before you take it to the veterinarian’s office, keep it cool. If possible, wrap the pet in a couple of plastic bags and move it to a cool, dry place such as a garage.

Choose the Type of Cremation For Your Pet

You can then choose between a private or communal cremation, determined by whether you wish to receive your pet’s cremains. If you have chosen a private cremation, our caring and compassionate drivers will return your pet’s cremains to you in a timely manner, following our strict and respectful code of ethics. Typically remains are returned within a couple business days, depending on your location.

Plan Ahead for Your Pet’s Aftercare

Trying to prepare for the loss of a pet is something most people try to avoid. However, planning ahead can help you understand the process before grief makes it that much harder. At PCS, we offer the opportunity to plan ahead for your pet’s aftercare needs to ensure that when the time comes you can focus on celebrating your life with your pet.

Rest assured that PCS is with you every step of the way on this difficult journey. You can learn more about all of our services, including pet, large animal, and equine cremation, understand  our process, find resources to help you deal with your grief, review our Frequently Asked Questions, and shop our memorial products to help you celebrate the life you shared with your pet.

With locations in Columbus and Wickliffe, Ohio, our compassionate care team services pet owners and our trusted network of veterinarian clinics throughout the state of Ohio and surrounding communities. Contact us today and someone from our team will promptly follow-up with you.

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