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Oliver Angus

01/01/2018 - 02/14/2024

Columbus, Ohio

Oliver was found by my friend. Who brought him in and posted his picture on Facebook. I saw him and instantly fell in love.

Within the first 24 hours of meeting him in person I learned that he hated being outdoors, loathed car rides and cat carriers. When we arrived home I showed him around so he knew where his food, water and litter box was he immediately went to my closet and pooped to show how he felt about his experience – or maybe it was his way of making my home his home, only he knows for sure.

Oliver was not your typical cat. He made his presence known and meowed about everything. He loved chewing on paper, playing with his many catnip toys – his favorites were monkey, gopher bird, and his scratching post. He was not fond of boxes , but loved to sharpen his claws on one. He loved being brushed, petted continuously, and talked to.

Oliver was known by many nicknames: howler monkey (monkey for short), fuzzy monkey, ringtailed lemur, chunky monkey, captain fuzzybutt, just to name a few.

He is survived by his human mom, human siblings and human maternal grandparents. Oliver was loved by them all and will be dearly missed.

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I have used this pet cremation service for many years. They are always very professional and so caring. They make a very heartbreaking experience manageable. Their kindness and compassion are the true reason I've recommended them to so many people over the years. They are extremely reasonable in their pricing and they have an option of urns. They truly are the best in my book.

Debbie M.

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Pet Cremation Services delivers exceptional customer service. They genuinely care about each customer. We lost our 2nd pet a couple of days before the holidays and without even asking we had her box back in just a couple days so she could be with us for the holiday! That was so thoughtful (and appreciated!).

Krisztina B.

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Compassionate and helpful staff. Exactly what I needed in the moment. Fast services and delivery.

Becky J.

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