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04/28/2022 - 11/02/2023

Dublin, Ohio

Candy was a dog unlike any other that I’ve met, she had a zest and excitement to experience life and the world. She was my best friend. Unbelievably intelligent, she was like having another human in the room. Everyone she met fell in love with her, and her showstopping hazel eyes.

As in the words of Robert Frost, nothing gold can stay.

I’ll never forget you sweet girl, I hope you’re having a blast up there. I’ll see you on the other side.

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Prompt, kind, compassionate. Pet Cremation Services included very touching extras to memorialize my best friend. Thank you so much! Forever in my heart ❤ Brutus ❤

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Compassionate and helpful staff. Exactly what I needed in the moment. Fast services and delivery.

Becky J.

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We had to put our fur baby to sleep at the vet's office. They use Pet Cremation Services. They called a couple of days later and said they were bringing our Maddie girl home. Such a nice touch and unexpected. Very thankful for the ease of service and compassion from them. Thank you!

Melanie H.

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