Meet Jeff Grennell

Jeff Grennell, PCS Preferred Equine Transportation Provider.

Jeff Grennell has spent more than 15 years providing final rest transportation for equine and large animals. Operating his own business, Don’t Fret (Final Rest Equestrian Transportation), Jeff began a partnership with Pet Cremation Services (PCS) three years ago and is the preferred transportation provider for PCS Equine (formerly Green Mountain Equine).

As for why he has been such a long-standing part of the industry, Jeff explains, “I try to treat these animals like they are mine and think that is what sets me apart.” This also explains why the PCS team approached Jeff about providing services for its clients. For 25 years, PCS has taken great pride in caring for the final goodbye with attention, compassion, and integrity and wants to work with others with the same values.

Horses on average weigh 1000 pounds, which means that when a horse dies, managing the final goodbye in a dignified manner can be a challenge. For PCS, this is where Jeff comes in. He transports the horse or other large animal in its entirety, “in the same way I would move my own,” he says. He uses a harness system that allows the animal to be moved respectfully and with compassion back to PCS for complete its journey.

Large animal owners have the option of a private or communal cremation with PCS. With a private cremation, the cremated remains are returned to the owner in an urn with a plaque to help preserve a lifetime of shared memories. With communal cremation, owners do not receive the cremated remains, rather they are spread across a 250-acre farm with the same level of respect and care.

Jeff brings such love to his role with PCS because, for him, it’s personal- he has a horse, Biscuit, who is 25 years old. He says that every time he is called upon to transport a horse for the final time, he imagines it is his own horse and cares for the animal as his own. In his time away from helping owners care for the final goodbye, Jeff is an actor, most recently starring in Showdown in Yesteryear (streaming on Prime).

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