Meet Jack Seymour

Meet Jack Seymour, PCS Packing and Quality Control rep.

It takes a special person to be successful in the pet cremation business. All of us at Pet Cremation Services could not be more grateful that Jack Seymour has dedicated 19 years of service to our team. 

Jack oversees Packing and Quality Control, which means on a day-to-day basis he spends his mornings packing up returns, ensuring they meet our quality standards and deliveries are done in a timely manner. He is also responsible for creating the paw prints that come with each delivery and visiting our clients to confirm that we are meeting the high standards we have established over the years and hold ourselves to every day for every client.  

Jack Seymour is known for his compassion and practicality. We know that if there is ever a conflict, Jack is the one who can help us resolve it. His dad taught him as a kid that there are two-sides to every coin. While each side is different, they are both correct. He has carried that philosophy with him throughout his career and it has helped him be an excellent mediator when it comes to client relationships. Jack will tell you how proud he is of the work he does for Pet Cremation Services, and so will we! When it comes to quality customer service, it doesn’t get better than Jack Seymour.  

Please tell us how you came to join Pet Cremation Services 

I saw the job posting in the newspaper 19 years ago. A friend of mine had recently used the service and mentioned how wonderful and impactful it was for them. I talked about it with my mom, who was terminally ill at the time. She told me I needed to apply. She knew how much I cared about people and animals and encouraged me to follow my passion and apply.  

Not long after I started, I was hooked. I started with the company doing home pickups. I was at a home one day and there was a little girl, maybe 7 or 8 years old. She kept staring at my back and I was concerned there was something on me as she continued looking. I asked the mom if she saw something on me but she said no, not that she saw. We then asked the little girl what she was looking at and she answered, “Mom, you said he was coming to help [our pet] get to heaven. I am just looking for his angel wings.” 

Every day I come to work, I am a better person. This company makes me a better person. That is why I have been here for 19 years. 

What personal qualities do you have that help you to be successful in your role at PCS?   

I would have to say my compassion for others and animals. It’s also my ability to see both sides of an issue. I can help the company and our customers see the other side of the coin. 

What makes Pet Cremation Services different from other organizations like yours?  

Our service – it’s what makes our company. Our commitment to quality, compassionate service is what sets us apart. 

What excites you about the future of PCS?  

I am excited to see the growth and expansion from where we were when I started 19 years ago (with 1 unit) to our new facility that will be opening in 2024, which establishes us as the industry standard. It’s exciting to see the growth and dedication to quality over the years. 

What are the three things you can’t live without?  

My wife, my kids, this company. 

Please tell us about your family.

I’ve been married to my wife for 25 years. She is my world and what keeps me going. We have 4 children but we have raised 10. My children are my life. They range in age from 33 to 18 months. We currently have 4 boys in the home right now, we recently took in our 18-month-old. 

What are three words that your colleagues have used to describe you?

Trustworthy, fair, compassionate 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

My father always told me to only worry about the things I can fix. I have carried that with me my whole life.  

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